Social Ventures Use Business to Address a Social Objective

Below are the social ventures that we are proud to have ongoing projects with. They are real examples that a for-profit business can make the world a better place. These enterprises are located all around the world- from the United States to Egypt and Afghanistan. Together we are partners addressing the problems we see in our communities and striving for mutual prosperity.  We are a global network removing borders and promoting cross-cultural communication. Whether it is addressing poverty, personal enrichment, or the environment– our companies are working to change the status quo. The marketplace is competitive but that doesn’t mean it has to be lonely. Our highest priority is the people we work with. With us, you are not alone.

“The biggest flaw in our existing theory of capitalism lies in its misrepresentation of human nature. ” – Muhammad Yunis

Bibo logo One of our social ventures


Bibo provides one-on-one cooking classes and personal nutrition coaching. They educate their community about sustainable ingredients and donate a portion of their profits to fighting hunger.

Inner Transformation Tools logo- One of our Social Ventures

Inner transformation tools

ITT provides the tools needed for enriching your life. They do this through education– focussing energy to realize your highest potential.

Raye7 Logo- One of our social ventures


Raye7 leverages carpooling to reduce commute time and build strong relationships within communities.

Skilux Logo- One of our social ventures


SkiLux provides luxury adventures in heart of the French Alps. Committed to an ethical operations model, it invests its profits in seed funding for social enterprises.

Voices for freedom logo- One of our social ventures

Voices for Freedom

Leveraging global awareness and empathy, V4F liberates the oppressed and dehumanized. Through their Schools4Freedom program, they build schools to break the cycle of poverty by educating youth.

Your Local Guy logo- One of our social ventures

Your Local Guy

Your Local Guy connects travelers to rich, custom, seamless travel experiences, while promoting eco-adventures and sustainable goods and services.


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