Hyperspace Connections– Archive

Below is the archive of our ongoing interview series with prominent social entrepreneurs. Their work extends to all corners of the globe. Each business is an example of the good work people are doing to make the world a better place. Listen to their stories and learn the lessons they have to teach.


Solar Sister

 Meet Katherine Lucey the CEO of Solar Sister- a company that trains and supports clean-energy female entrepreneurs in Africa. 


Mindset for mastering social entrepreneurship with Sabrina Mustopo, Cofounder & CEO of Krakakoa Chocolates. Hear her story of using power for good and pivoting from consulting for McKinsey & Co to growing award winning chocolate in rural communities of Indonesia.


Practical advice for building strong, sustainable, impactful social enterprises with David Schaub-Jones, Director of See/Saw, a social enterprise leveraging technology to improve water quality in Africa and Southeast Asia.

Conscious Step

Hear the story of Prashant, founder of Conscious Step, and the tools he’s used to become the CEO of a major social enterprise. To buy amazing socks that support great causes at:


Tools, techniques, and insights for social entrepreneurship with Genevieve Barnard Oni, CFO of a medical device enterprise based in Nigeria. Learn about coordinating a global team, building strong partnerships, and refining your business model.

To support the work of MDaaS Nigeria, visit


Wise words from Passawee Tapasana, CEO and Founder of a social enterprise based in Thailand that shares ethically made crafts with the world. Gain insights into building and running a purposeful, profitable business in Southeast Asia.


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